A bit about myself
Hey there, it's Vanessa! I'm a multidisciplinary designer who specializes in digital design services, brand strategy, and art direction to make social impact in the world of brand, product, and experience.

Over the years, I have designed with amazing people in diverse industries across education, consumer products, e-commerce, tech, public services, fashion/lifestyle, and entertainment. Prior to Accenture Song, I had freelance/in-house experiences at KiwiCo, Disney, Lionsgate, tech startups, and other non-profit involvements.

Besides sharing my ideas through design, I also enjoy sharing my experiences with the places I gothe food I eat, and the sunsets I watch. Other things that currently excite me include connecting with cool people through my pro bono work and building my educational non-profit Menti with my friends. 
Diving into design values
Speculative Design was a unique Visual Arts program that I studied at UC San Diego. Through Speculative Design methods, I learned to value the design research behind my design decisions and have empathy toward speculating creative solutions for the future. This methodology's approach shaped up my interest in innovation and emerging technology behind new ventures with how these ideas can add value to our society. It also sparked my constant curiosity in exploring the interconnecting areas of visual communication, human-centered design, and social impact design in different media and experiences.

​In this agile generation, I believe that interdisciplinary study is a key to connecting the dots together to form a bigger picture of solutions for a better world and future. I hope to apply this design-forward thinking and collaborative process in my work to bring unique perspectives to the creative table

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Brand Identity
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Events & Environments
Logo Design
Marketing Campaigns - Print/Digital
Packaging Design
Social Media Design
UI/UX Design for Web/Mobile
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