The Disney Creative Learning Design team collectively creates innovative and engaging learning experiences through areas of web/app development, in-person experiences, technology-enabled classroom learning, marketing, communications, branding, and print collateral. Part of my role is to create art direction and brand guides for L&D products and services.
Project Type
Brand Identity, Digital Design, Presentation Design, Editorial Design, Print Design
Disney, ESPN, Disney Parks & Resorts, ABC

Graphic Designer, Intern

Design Manager - Brianna Santiago
Designers - Ramin Kohanteb, Andrew Hendricks, Laura Devalcourt, Isaac Taleno
Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Orientation 
Knowing that some Cast Members may not be fully versed in the world of Star Wars, the goal is to design an orientation that appeals and resonates with cast members from a beginner to a Star Wars expert. The art direction for this design is to feel modern and timeless, and to utilize minimalist design principles with a clean, vibrant style.
Referee Development Experience
Brand A is more explorative and fun for a collaborative and bright tone. Minimal lines and shapes are used to represent the rules and tracks of the games in the minds of referees. Bold typography and colors are used to create a more energetic overall look and feel.
Brand B is not too young or vivid like most typical sports campaign brands because it is catered to referees older age range. This gold-based look and feel aims for referees to feel respected, supported, and passionate about building their community through this development training. 
Resort Leadership Engagement Series
This program is designed for Cast Members at Parks & Resorts to develop leadership skills and network within their park communities. Brand A is inspired by the Animal Kingdom Lodge, in which the look and feel bring out an adventurous and active tone with a warm and inviting mood.
Brand B conveys more of a professional tone with a cool and clean palette. Yet it also gives off a relaxing and welcoming resort entertainment mood. 
ESPN Development Resource Guide
ESPN requested our team to design a learning guide to provide cultural and professional development resources for its employees. We decided to design an interactive magazine as a relatable medium for ESPN employees to engage more in the learning content itself. The art direction for the colors, layouts, and photography is strived for employees to feel determined and active in cultivating their workplace.
Safety & Wellness Planner
Disney Parks asked our team to help promote safety and wellness education for Disney cast members at Disney World.  A safety and wellness planner was proposed for cast members to conveniently carry around with them, as in-person or online training would not be as effective as they are less flexible with their schedules at the parks. The goal of this planner is to spark conversations about safety and wellness, while it helps them set personal weekly or monthly goals of improving their wellness in an organized time manner. 

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