Loungefly and Funko licensees requested a special packaging to launch their Disneyland 65th collection. Products are sold exclusively at Target, Amazon, and BoxLunch for our target consumers from teen to adult.

The art direction is based on iconic Disneyland attractions, with the Disneyland castle being the focal point. We collaborated with the Parks & Resorts team to use their Disneyland 65th anniversary brand assets to create this packaging design line look.

Product photography from Funko, Loungefly, BoxLunch
Disney, Funko, Loungefly

Amazon, Target, BoxLunch

Brand & Packaging Designer, Undergrad Associate

Design Manger - Melissa Cassara

Behind the concepts
With this art direction based on iconic Disneyland attractions, we wanted the consumers to feel nostalgic while celebrating their memories with Disneyland history. The art style overall is very retro-themed, with the classic throwback Disneyland sign typography. The retro style also brings back the fun bold colors and abstract sign shapes to tie the look all together.

Here are a few previous concepts during the design process. We focused on two different directions: (a) character-focused and (b) attractions-focused. As you can see, our team went with direction B as we felt that the classic ride attractions is a unique approach to represent Disneyland's earliest years.
The Challenge
It's always a challenge to think about what hasn't Disney done before for Parks anniversary packaging, while still upholding Disneyland's traditions and history. In the initial concept phase, I wanted to put more focus on the classic attraction rides. After feedback, we changed the overall packaging focal point to the Sleeping Beauty castle instead to tie back to the core of Disneyland.
The design system is adapted to different types of packaging across products sold at Funko, BoxLunch, Target, and Amazon. This was a great opportunity to collaborate with Disney Parks' side of the branding and packaging team.

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