Eggie, a fashion apparel brand by digital influencer Jenn Im, collaborated with Disney to launch a series of Mickey and Friends inspired apparel. I was tasked to design the apparel packaging for this fun collection. Targeting young female adults, the art direction is driven by youthful, nostalgic and minimal style with playful shapes.

Product photos/video from: https://eggie.us/collections/disney
Instagram: @eggieshop
Disney, Eggie

Brand & Packaging Designer, Undergrad Associate

Design Manger - Melissa Cassara
Driven by minimal shapes yet playful tone

A 3-piece swing tag is designed using abstract shape and the core product colors from the product collection. The top 2 pieces connect Minnie and Mickey together, with Mickey looking up at Minnie. Minnie also playfully pops out of the hang tag shapes.

Since this collection is not just about Mickey and Minnie, the very back piece reveals a surprise of Mickey's friends all together when the top 2 pieces are lifted or swung aside.
Product art direction moodboards from Instaco
Shipping packaging concept based on hang tag design
Behind the concepts

The previous hang tag concepts used line art and minimal colors to create more of a feminine and young look based on Eggie's stand alone brand. However, the art direction changed when Eggie rebranded itself and the product development shifted to more gender neutral focused. Plus, they decided to add Mickey's friends into the collection later in discussion.
Eggie's previous branding look & feel​​​​​​​

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