Overview & The Challenge
Peer pressure and lack of financial wisdom has forced Gen Z to spend excessively on their social lives. So Frich is here to turn personal finances into social finances and understand that money is inherently social, especially when you're young. Frich team reached out to me to help them bring this new venture idea to life in a mobile app design from initial prototypes to launch-ready phase. 

The Solution
The solution is to gamify budgeting experience into challenges with friends, but still professional and clear enough for users to trust and understand the saving concept methods. Challenge can be taking fewer Ubers, having less drinks outside, or eating out less every week. By allowing friends to set spending goals together and keep each other accountable through challenges, saving money will no longer be a taboo but more transparent for this generation. 

The Process
The process include creating user flows, user research analysis, wireframes, and visual design for prototypes. I also redesigned the Frich website to promote updated app features. 

This project is protected under NDA. Please request to see works in details. 
UI/UX Designer

Project Duration
Feb 2021 - Present

Project Type
Mobile/App Product Design, UX Journey, Content Design, Visual Design, Website Design

CEO - Katrin Kaurov
CPO - Aleksandra Medina
Product Manager - Emily Von Linde

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