Hi there, I'm Vanessa
A design enthusiast who enjoys social impact storytelling through brand, product & experience. 

Currently designing educational hands-on products and learning experiences to make kids smarter while they have fun at KiwiCo

I integrate UX, brand system & visual design thinking to align experiences into happier and simpler stories.
How I got here
 Disney Consumer Products​​​​​​​
What I learned: Balancing work for co-brand/licensee partnerships and packaging design systems
What I learned: Appreciating experiences that make educational impact
What I learned: Enjoying concept phases along with production phases
What I learned: Leading brand & design initiatives
to promote health educational content
The Zone - UCSD Health Promotional Services
Latest Passion Projects
↗ Menti - An Educational NPO
Co-found and built a resource platform to create
a learning community for young adults
Reimagined user experience flow and product
to make personal finance social
↗ Frich - A Social Finance App
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