KiwiCo was created to celebrate kids' natural creativity and curiosity, while helping parents who want to bring enriching experiences to their children. Through KiwiCo's hands on DIY products, we believe creative confidence can help kids think BIG and act like creators and producers instead of just consumers.

Day-to-Day Challenge
My day-to-day involves owning Tinker (engineering focus) and partially Atlas (cultural focus) product lines design direction. While my focus is juggling these subscription lines, I also help out on individual shop products to help with my team's workload. Among those product lines, I design product art, crate packaging, and educational collateral (instructions, magazine, etc.) that engage kids with hands-on STEAM learning experiences. Within the process, I collaborate across industrial product design, editorial design, sourcing, and other creative teams to iterate the experiences from kids product testings.

Since projects are ongoing, please request to see work in details.
Graphic Designer

Project Type
Print Design, Product Design, Branding

Design Manager - Jenn Wu
Collaborations across Product Design, Editorial Design, and Illustrator Leads
Ask me about my work with this fun bunch! (Sad fact: I still never met any of them in person.)

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