As part of the Creative Services Design team, I created digital assets from movie key arts and packaging designs to distribute movies to different home entertainment platforms. I was also exposed to creating title treatments, social media promotion key art, and E-book advertisement for a variety of movie titles.

Creative Design Intern

Project Type
UI Digital Assets, Packaging, Marketing
Key Art on iTunes/ Apple TV Platform
LSR, Uber, FS (Story Art)
Titles: Beatriz at Dinner, The Hero, The Hatred, Gun Shy, Lady Macbeth, Leap!, 3 Idiots
Key Art on Other Digital Platforms
​​Platforms: Amazon, Comcast+Mobile, Sony, Vudu, Google,  Redbox, Xbox
Titles: Beatriz at Dinner, Gospel of Luke, Gun Shy, The Hatred, Leatherface, L.O.R.D., Open Water, 3 Idiots, 47 Meters Down
Packaging: DVD O-Card/Wrap, BD O-Card/Wrap
​​​​Titles: American Gods, The Big Sick, Divergent Series, Drone Wars, The Expendables, Narcos, Power Rangers
I got exposed to learning the different constraints on packaging design for DVD versus Blu-Ray and O-Card versus Wrap, as well as the process of budgeting and strategic designing for various movie tier campaigns and markets like Target and Walmart.
Social Media: EST/POST/PRE Promotion
​​​​Titles: The Big Sick, Honored
Title Treatment Exploration: Honored
I explored the title treatment of Honored - a film that had not yet been filmed. As a solution to explore the right feel of typography, I read the film script and analyzed the film's lookbook that was created by the brand marketing team. The title treatment from the exploration process was later used for the film's social media outreaches.
E-Book Ad
Titles: Their Finest, Breaking History
The Challenge
This experience was a great door to learn about the budgeting and strategic design process for various movie tier campaigns to different platforms and markets. One of the challenges was going into different designers' movie key art files to edit key art layers for different streaming platform layout dimensions. I definitely picked up a pet peeve of unlabeled layers or unorganized layer groups in my files. 
After this internship, I definitely gained many tips and tricks to photo retouching and manipulating movie key art in Photoshop. It was also a great exposure to the entertainment industry and professional development through the weekly lunch and learns.

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