Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway is a ride attraction in Disney World's Hollywood Studios park. It is a trackless dark ride based on the stylized world from the Mickey Mouse TV series. Multiple licensees reached out and requested exclusive packaging for product launches that include apparel, pins, and other accessories. 
Disney, Uncas

Brand & Packaging Designer, Undergrad Associate

Design Manager - Melissa Cassara
The Brand Guide
We first studied the ride and branding guide created by our Parks & Resorts team. The logos were given to our team with specific usage guidelines. The colors were chosen to identify the attraction even when logos or other elements aren’t present.
Behind the concept 
The ticket (above) was given to riders at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Studios park during the opening of the ride attraction. The shape of the admission ticket and the bold red color are the main inspirations for the packaging die-line and color choice. The look and feel of a vintage train ticket aims to have consumers automatically think of this ride attraction when they see this packaging.
Hang tag design
The front hang tag uses the primary logo of MMRR, but we did not want this packaging to be focused on only Mickey and Minnie. The ride is about the journey with all of Mickey's friends. Hence, we added other characters onto the back packaging. The packaging system also uses a darker red gradient with texture so that products that uses the primary red color will not blend in with the packaging. 
The Challenge
We knew that different accessories such as keychains, headwear, and jewelries have unique packaging die-line and sizes catered to the product. Hence, the brand and packaging system is designed to be easily adapted into different sizes and shapes. 
The packaging system is used by multiple licensees for limited release pin collection to celebrate the grand opening of this new ride attraction. 

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