Ruthie Davis collaborated with Disney to design a special shoe collection for the launch of Mulan Live Action. Ruthie needed the packaging to align with Mulan’s branding, while also matching her shoe styles. The art direction of this collection aims to combine both messages from Mulan Live Action's "loyal, true, brave" and Ruthie's "warrior." The brand and packaging together would represent Ruthie's edgy and fierce style with Mulan's message of courage and empowerment.

Shoe photography from Ruthie Davis
Disney, Ruthie Davis

Brand & Packaging Designer, Undergrad Associate

Design Manager - Melissa Cassara
Addition to the unboxing experience
Romance cards are also designed to part of the packaging. The front card matches Mulan's calligraphy pattern on the top lid packaging, while the back can adds more storytelling of Mulan and delivers the empowering message behind "I am a warrior today because...". A soft brush style for the character art is chosen to be consistent with the movement and flow of the brush calligraphy pattern. 

The packaging also comes with a paper sheet that encourages people to answer what makes them a warrior today while wearing these designer shoes. The product along with the packaging system overall hopes to make consumers feel confident in these shoes and reflect on what makes them feel empowered. 
Previous concepts are also designed to have options to stay more true to the original Mulan Live Action branding. Elements that tie into Mulan's story and culture are used and the colors are also used to make Mulan's title treatment pop on the packaging in an elevated way. 
The Challenge
The challenge was giving Disney Princess a fresh look and feel while combining Mulan's style to match shoe designer Ruthie Davis's edgy fashion styles. The art direction aimed to embody the empowerment message throughout the packaging experience. 
This was another successful collaboration among Disney x Ruthie Davis shoe collections for Snow White, Mulan, Frozen, and The Aladdin. This Mulan Live Action collection was honored by the American Apparel & Footwear Association with the 2019 American Image Award for "Collaboration of the Year."

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