Paws of L.A. Rescue saves abandoned and neglected dogs by helping them find foster and forever homes. Connected to this social cause, I offered pro-bono service to Paws of L.A. Rescue and collaborated to create several lines of merchandise. These merchandise not only are fun to wear, but also aims to engage the public in the humane treatment of dogs through education and awareness.
Paws of L.A. Rescue

Graphic Designer

Project Type
Graphic Design, Print, Product Merchandise
The Challenge
We didn't just want the merchandise to spread positivity and look good, but we also wanted to include messages that can help educate people on the humane treatment of dogs. Hence, the overall design approach is based on short phrases accompanied by graphics. 
Not only was Paws very happy with the turnout of all the designs, but I also learned more about the challenges of dog adoption and fostering from this non-profit group. Since we had so many great ideas and designs at the end, Paws plan to split the launch of products into seasonal series.
photography credits: Samson Katt, Anna Shvets, Roman Odintsov, Cottonbro, Helena Lopes, Dominika Roseclay, Jonathan Faria, Budgeron Bach, Sebastian Stam  

disclaimer: photos are only for concept presentation and are not direct endorsements of any product or brand by people on the imagery.

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