PetPal is a mobile app experience concept designed through the Adobe XD Creative Jam, which is a 3-day design sprint. The challenge was to design an experience to help pet owners who are in new neighborhoods. 

One of the pain points that we saw was that pet owners often seek online resources or recommendations from their friends and family, but googling can often lead you down a stressful rabbit hole. Our solution PetPal would enable pet owners and pets to find accessible pet care services based on their location and to make friends with other local pet owners and pets through playdate set-ups and local pet event promotions! A dog may be a man's best friend - but it wouldn't hurt to help your pal, make a pal.
Adobe Creative Network

UX Designer, Visual Designer

Project Duration
3 days for design sprint, 3 days for branding 

UX Designer - Madi Ng

The Brand Story​​​​​​
PetPal serves as a fun, resourceful, straight-to-the-point, and communication-driven platform that fosters a community of pet parents who aim to help each other become greater pet parents! Hence, our brand is to be inclusive for all pets and pet owners, welcoming for engagement, and comforting for support.
Profile Feature​​​​​​
This is the main default page which allows you to view your pet's profile information and update any new activities of your pet through texts, photos, or videos. You are able to keep track of your activities in a timeline or grid view. 
​Explore Feature
With this feature, you can either explore the pets, services, community posts, or events around your pet community. On the main explore page, you can also quickly search for most of the common pet services needed, view your PetPals or most trending community posts, and look up your saved pet profiles or posts. 

Under "Find Your PetPal," discover pets who are around your neighborhood and connect with owners to set up playdates or even just to share your experiences! 

When you tap into the search bar, you will be offered three different types of searches: pet services, community forums, and community events. Each type of search can be easily navigated to answer the question you need to help your pet.
Calendar Feature
Keep track of all your events, appointments, and playdates for your pet. The service-based reminders can link to searching or contacting the specific service. 

Notification Feature
Get updated with your PetPal requests, reactions from your posts, and upcoming events.

Message Feature
Start conversations with your friends and even set up playdates for your pets!
​Social Media Design
This social media layout is designed to launch PetPal’s Instagram page. The posts focus on inclusivity of all pet friendships and uses taglines to spark conversations for social media engagement. 
Social Media Story Ad
The social media ad is designed to promote PetPal on Instagram, Snapchat, or FB stories. The design delivers a quick message of what can users find by using PetPal.
Web Landing Page
This is a landing page concept if PetPal were to have a website to guide users to learn more about the brand story and app features. The landing page is designed to be playful yet straightforward. Its main navigation purpose is to encourage users to download and check out the app.
Print Ad
This is a billboard size advertisement designed to promote PetPal in different communities. The ad uses bold colors and pet photography to capture the audience’s attention. Then, its copy aims to connect with the audience and encourage them to download the app.
The Challenge
It was definitely a challenge given only 3 days to complete this design sprint. Yet it was a lot of fun to pour out all the ideas that we had and to quickly prototype and iterate an idea that both my teammate and I loved. 
PetPal XD design concept was qualified for the Adobe CNN Creative Jam final rounds against 50 teams from 17 colleges nationwide. Our design solution also gained recognition by Adobe Marketing Manager to submit for Adobe’s 2019 Design Achievement Awards.
Special thanks to my teammate Madi Ng
photography credit: Daria Shevtsova, Helena Lopes

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