The Zone is a student lounge located at UCSD that advocates the importance of health and well-being for students around the community. As the design lead, I worked with my team to design various marketing campaigns and launch well-being programs for specific groups of students at UCSD with the aim to enhance the culture of well-being across the community. ​
The Zone, UCSD Health Promotional Services

Design Lead, Graphic Designer

Project Type
Art Direction, Marketing Campaigns, Editorial Design, Print Design, Style Guide
The Zone Brand 
& Style Guide
A piece of legacy for the team

This brand & style guide was created for the purpose of reflecting and defining who The Zone is and how the brand is viewed by. Through maintaining The Zone’s core values (inclusivity, wellness, and safety, etc.), the design team aims to strengthen and enhance its brand identity. In hopes of embracing these values through working at The Zone, the design team also hopes to help future team members to embody these values to themselves as well.
The Zone Book
Art Direction
Creating a story for our mission

Our team designed a Zone book that includes all the wellness programs and services that our space provides. Our vision for this book is to let our visitors hear the story behind The Zone's mission through photos, resources, and testimonials. 

The mood of this life book is vibrant, earthy, and welcoming. Overall, the pages should purposefully feel clean and modern with minimal overlays, geometric shapes/patterns, and other design elements to interact with the photos and layout.
The Zone Book
Engaging with our visitors

The Zone brochure is designed to create the opportunity for our staff to engage with our visitors. Brochures can help our staff break the ice to promote our programs, as well as help our guests be more accessible to information about all the well-being resources within our health cluster. The use of earthy and joyful colors can let guests feel welcome to learn about our space and resources. The pages are all connected through photos and color blocks to create a smooth reading flow.
The Zone
Poster Series
Target marketing in our community

The series of posters were designed to promote The Zone's series of programs and advocate the benefits of The Zone's space. All posters have specific target marketing purposes. Interviews were done to find out what commuter / international students struggle with, and research was done for infographics to promote our health promotional services like cig-butt clean-up and STI education. 
Therapy Fluffies 
Extravaganza Event
Inspired by my study
abroad experience

Therapy Fluffies Extravaganza is a quarterly event hosted by The Zone, where over two dozen therapy dogs come to UCSD to help students de-stress during finals week. After coming back from my study abroad experience in Europe, I was inspired to have the theme of Winter 2018 be about traveling. I wanted to launch this inspiration of mine to welcome students looking forward to Spring break to "Explore Beyond."
Annual Cigarette Butt
Clean-Up Campaign

Educating through infographic

The Zone annually hosts a cigarette butt clean-up event on UCSD campus as an environmental awareness campaign against the harms of cig-butts. The vision of this marketing campaign is not only to encourage the community to participate in the event but also to raise the community's knowledge of the impact of cig-butts pollution through infographic visuals on posters and social media posts. ​
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2016-2017: Tori DuongCrystal Jiao, Vanessa Wong
2017-2018: Crystal Jiao, Vivian Nguyen, Gen Thipatima, Vanessa Wong
2018-2019: Asmaa Deir, Jacqueline (Chia) Lee, Vanessa Wong, Ferris Yeh

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